Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mad Hatter

While I was home over Thanksgiving I decided to embrace the true Fall Foliage color palette and try out this Rust Colored Wool Panama from Free People. Although I sell hats as part of my job and I love them, I hesitate and chicken out wearing them ALL THE TIME! Given that this is the most hypocritical thing, I have decided that I am going to start wearing them more. For the rest of the outfit, I had to rep my BCBGeneration "Girly Girl" Cold Weather Loop in Rosewood. The knit is super cozy and I own it in two colors. My jeans are AG which is my go-to brand for denim. I never buy them at regular retail thanks to flashsale sites but I do think they are totally worth the retail price. My leather jacket is BB Dakota. I think Forest Green is my favorite color of the season (for the moment). The best accessory of this whole outfit however, has to be my sister's puppy Milo :)





Sunday, December 15, 2013

Healthy Apple Chips

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I knew it was inevitable that I was going to be eating a lot so I decided I would try a healthy snack recipe to try to counterbalance the chocolate Pecan Pie that I was downing (Thanks Mom). I eat a lot of almonds and cashews and although they are a great source of protein for you, they are not great in the mass load quantities that I eat them in. I think it's the crunchiness that I like the most so given that I decided I would try out these apple chips. Here is what you need: Apples, Coconut Oil Spray, Cinnamon, and Splenda

- Preheat the oven to 250. Then start by thinly slicing an apple to paper thin slices (if they are too thick they will take longer to cook). 
- Then spray down the cooking sheet with coconut oil spray.
- Lay the apple slices on the sheet and sprinkle one packet of splenda over the apples and then sprinkle cinnamon as well
- Set your timer for one hour and let the apple slices bake
- After an hour, flip the apples to the other side and sprinkle additional cinnamon and let them bake for another hour
- After the second hour check to make sure that the chips are crunchy enough, if not let them bake for longer
-ENJOY :) 





Monday, December 2, 2013

Sister Sister

I could probably stretch my LA trip out into about 5 posts but I figured I would recap you with the cliff notes version... or at least try

As I mentioned in my last post, the purpose of my trip was to attend BCBG and BCBGeneration Brand Summit meetings to discuss 2014 planning and also reiterate the different brand DNA's. Thursday we flew out and quickly went to Pour Vous - this awesome bar in downtown LA which turned out to be the perfect venue for the Generation Summit. Joyce Azria, creative director of BCBGeneration, chose the location because she wanted us to be in a setting where she thought the #GenGirl (her target customer) would hang out on a typical night in LA. This really beat the routine Thursday "work vibe." Joyce's energy and passion for the brand is truly uplifting and it was a great way to kick off the trip.

 Here is a preview of the Sp 14 line for Generation

Friday we woke up and went to the BCBG Corporate office to attend the BCBG Max Azria Summit. With 2014 being the 25th anniversary of the brand, it was amazing to hear more of the history and get a better understanding of it's incredible growth over time.

Here is a Preview of some BCBG looks for Spring 2014

After the summit, I went back to meet my sister and we decided to cross something off our bucket list and hike Runyon Canyon. The weather was amazing and although it was a lot steeper than we expected, the views and sister-time made it totally worth it. Tip for future hikers: Don't try to hike after Bloody Mary's.


Following the hike we did some retailing. One of the fun parts of my job is getting into as many stores as possible to shop the competition and offer my clients the best feedback, advice, and opportunities to improve their business.


 It was amazing getting into a Generation store and seeing the all of the product we work on merchandised in the store. This Cold Weather Gifting table looks flawless!


Had a BCBG Moment!


Friday night we went to dinner at Riva Bella on Sunset Blvd. The food was amazing!
Saturday we woke up and continued retailing and then headed to Santa Monica to go to the Pier. I looked homeless but Natalie looked absolutely adorable! 

Her panama hat is Collection18 - the company I work for :) , sweater is BCBG, bag is Rebecca Minkoff, Jeans are BLANK, sandals are Dolce Vita, and her necklace is from South Moon Under

 So much for the cliff notes version :) At least I managed it in one post.