Monday, September 16, 2013

Sportswear with a Twist

I think the best and worst fashion moments happen when you try something a little unexpected and pair things that you wouldn't initially put together. Sometimes it comes out amazing and of course you run the risk of it being tragic - but either way it's show stopping and out of the ordinary. With sportswear being big, I love putting a girly spin on it. For this outfit I paired a Zara "Jersey" Sweatshirt (other option from ASOS) with a Zara mini skort (which I think every girl in America owns) with an amazing Juicy Couture Bling Statement Necklace, Bcbg Pocahontas Booties, and Tom Ford sunnies. Yay or nay?





Monday, September 9, 2013

Plank Challenge

So I hope I'm not the only one who fell off the workout regiment a little and is struggling to find the motivation to get back after it. I loved the squat challenge and I felt like it was a commitment that I kept up with so I decided to start that challenge again but to also do it hand-in-hand with this Plank Challenge shown below for core strength. What are you guys doing to push yourself to get back into the swing of things?! I need suggestions!