Monday, March 24, 2014

Dressing the Part

As materialist as fashion and clothes can appear to be at times, sometimes dressing the part can help you get through the hardest times. Sure, cuddling up in bed in sweats and ordering-in your favorite junk food is always a strong healing method. But when you're ready to come out of your cave, dressing the part can really help you get beyond whatever obstacle you are facing at the present time.

Clothes give you the freedom to express whatever you are feeling- good or bad. Whether it's a tough time or something you want to celebrate- there truly is an outfit for every occasion and what you wear sends a message. 

I shot this look 6 weeks ago or so, when I was ready to pull myself out of a funk and focus on moving forward. The sparkle sweatshirt says "I'm shining bright, but I'm relaxed" and the pop of color in the skirt says "I'm ready to take chances." On the contrary, the metal zippers and studded clutch show some edge and a little glimpse of a tougher side; paired with the heels that say "don't f%#k with me."

If this comes off a little "Girl Interrupted" meets Taylor Swift, I promise I'm not hiding chicken underneath my bed and I certainly don't intend to take guitar lessons any time soon :)

Sometimes it's best to let your outfit speak for itself.






Details: Sweatshirt Zara similar, Skirt Missguided similar, Clutch BCBG, Sunglasses BCBG

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